Run Father Run


Run Father Run

Msgr. Joseph Strickland has been known as "the running priest" since
he first came to Tyler in June of 1985. Best known simply as Fr. Joe
he continues to run to keep in shape and to get outside and away from
his desk.

On a recent hot summer day Fr. Joe decided "Hey, why don't I do some
good for the community while I'm out here sweating?", and so was born, with Michael Mahfood and his GroupM7
providing the technical expertise. Now, here's your chance to go on a
"virtual run" with Fr. Joe and do some good at the same time.

Fr. Joe's inaugural season will begin on October 1, 2009. This will
consist of 31 runs for 31 days for 31 minutes each.

You can pledge $10 a run for all 31 days of running, a weeks worth of
runs, your lucky number, or an individual number of runs.

Donations will be designated for construction of the Chapel of Saints
Peter and Paul which will serve the Cathedral parish where Fr. Joe
servers and Bishop Gorman Middle and High Schools which are part of
the parish and the St. Vincent de Paul Society of the Cathedral which
serves the needy in Smith County.
Click here for the Pledge Form Group Fr. Joe is so excited about this.   Let's show him our support with
whatever pledge you feel comfortable making.    And the next time you
see him just yell "RUN FATHER RUN

To go to Father Jeo's blog site click on this link